Alexis - Take The Tour

This guy about creamed his pants when 18 year old Alexis (AKA Noelle Easton) came a-knocking on the door to answering his modeling offer for a ‘calendar shoot’…he made sure to let her know just exactly how hot he thought she was to get her confidence up before letting her know that the calendar shoot was just an intro to what he really had in mind. She had done a little modeling before so she knew how to work the camera, I don’t know if it’s her cute face or those huge full tits of hers that are doing it but man she knows she’s hot and knows how to work it! The cameraman eases her into things, getting her to lift up her shirt and let those big boobs out while still staying in her comfort zone, which works a hell of a lot better than just asking some chick to get naked right off the bat. Once she gets nude Alexis is down for pretty much whatever and I think she catches on to what the deal is with this shoot as she unzips the cameraman and takes his big dick in her hands and mouth. Soon she’s riding that dick for all she’s worth and making this a Net Video Girls shoot to remember!