Ariel - Take The Tour

Ariel is an awkward girl but she is very adventurous I must say. She shows up at some random guys condo trying to become a calendar model that takes balls. You have to imagine she found the AD like on backpage or craigslist or something. Anyways it takes the guys at Net Video Girls a while to work her into pleasing the producer to get the job the big step though is when they got her to get into her “bikini bottoms” which was a little pink g-string thong. At that moment they had to know they had her. Things almost took a turn for the worse though as the producer was about to penetrate her she kind of just stopped the shoot. I think she was about to walk out but turns out it was that time of month and she didn’t want to have to fuck. That’s okay Ariel you can just suck this strangers cock instead I promise you’ll get the calendar job if you do LOL!