Cora - Take The Tour

One thing I like about Net Video Girls is that they have a variety of ‘scams’ if you want to call them that, not only is it the main Maestro convincing girls to strip naked in hopes of getting into a calendar shoot, they also have guys like this dude who tells girls they’re there to audition for a dance gig in a hiphop video. Not only does it get girls through the door in hopes of some easy money, it also makes it likely that they’ll strip down and dance around a little which is always fun anyway! Cora here did what she could to convince the guy her dancing skills were up to snuff but eventually she figured that she’d better strip down naked and see how else she could sweeten the deal. She sucked his big thick black cock, licking his balls and ass before spreading her legs to take him deep in her tight wet pussy! She gets fucked nice and deep by that big stick before he finally shot his load into her mouth…I don’t know if she got the part but she definitely made this a hell of an update for Net Video Girls!