Lacy Attacks Carrie - Take The Tour

A lot of times when a new girl shows up at the Net Video Girls studio for a fake calendar modeling gig or a fake part in a fake music video it takes her a little while to settle down and get comfortable enough to start shedding clothing…I guess it’s intimidating to come through the door and immediately have a camera pointed at you! However, in the Attack series the tables are turned as one of the girls from past updates comes back to help things out…in this episode, Lacy is the one doing the ‘attacking’ and Carrie is the new blonde busty babe showing up for the shoot! Lacy puts her at her ease, giving her a nice big hug and easing her into the modeling introduction. Her ulterior motives are laid bare though when she starts taking Carrie’s clothes off and touching her all over her body, grabbing her big tits and nice round juicy booty and then making out with her! The cameras are rolling the whole time as this amateur is convinced to go lesbian, getting her pussy licked and then teaming up with Lacy to suck the cameraman’s dick for a nice doubleteam blowjob finale to this sexy update.