Natalie - Take The Tour

There’s no denying that some girls that appear on Net Video Girls are hotter than others, but that’s just the luck of the draw so to speak when girls show up to audition for a calendar shoot or, in this case, for a spot dancing in a hiphop music video! Sometimes the girls can be a little on the plain side or not have the best bodies in the world but once in awhile things just work out and an absolutely beautiful girl like stunning blonde Natalie here shows up and makes it all worthwhile! Natalie has just perfect boobs, big and bouncy and soft, a great ass and some very sexy womanly curves, not to mention a supermodel-caliber face. She’s not hard to talk out of her clothes and soon she’s on her hands and knees sucking this guy’s big black cock and getting fucked with those big tits bouncing in our face!