Selina - Take The Tour

I’ll be honest, I don’t think the Net Video Girls crew was quite on the ball with this one, I think they were a little distracted by some other stuff going on and couldn’t give this girl their full attention. Her name is Selina and she’s a cute Spanish girl wiht an umbrella haircut and slightly crossed eyes, but since she also has nice tits and a great ass I’m going to have to give her a thumbs up. She’s a little taken aback at first with the camera in her face and the situation being different than she thought it would be, but once she loosens up a little and loses her clothes she warms up and soon she’s sucking cock and getting fucked as the cameras rolled! I guess the guys must have calmed down too, they were able to hit a groove with this chick and get her in a comfortable enough mood to get naked and have some fun.